News Round-Up: November 9, 2021

Catching up on some of today’s headlines:

Tweet of the Day: Sean Parnell (above), a Trump-endorsed candidate for the U.S. Senate, is accused of strangling his wife. In a Fox Nation interview he shared this – “The idea that a woman can live a happy and fulfilling life without a man, I think it’s all nonsense.” He goes on to boast about mens’ ability to defend women from dinosaurs…

The Advocate: Black transgender woman Marquiisha Lawrence, 28, was shot to death on November 4. She is one of at least 45 trans/nonbinary people known to have died by violence in the U.S. this year, surpassing the record set last year of 44 deaths.

OMG Blog: A shirtless Mario Lopez dressed in his ‘Risky Business’ costume turned heads.

Mario Lopez throws down his best Risky Business

Queerty: Conservative radio host Dennis Prager made the ridiculous claim that Americans refusing to get vaccinated for Covid-19 are treated worse than patients at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

CNN: More bad news for Donald Trump today as a federal judge denied his attempt to withhold records from the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol invasion.

Florida Politics: Florida’s new Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo did not treat COVID-19 patients at UCLA as he has asserted. Scheduling documents from UCLA from June 2019 – September 2021 showed numerous UCLA doctors assigned to treat COVID patients at various times, but never Ladapo.