Madonna’s ‘Finally Enough Love’ + More News

Madonna’s ‘Finally Enough Love’ + More News
Madonna (photo: Ricardo Gomes)

Some news items you might have missed:

Boy Culture: Madonna showed up at NYC’s Terminal 5 last night to promote the 16-track abridged edition of Finally Enough Love (out today) ahead of the 50-track version due out in August.

The Advocate: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wants the court to revisit and overrule decisions that struck down state restrictions on contraception, private consensual sex, and same-sex marriage, saying they are “demonstrably erroneous.”

NBC News: A modest but wide-ranging gun violence measure was approved by the U.S. House on Friday by a bipartisan 65-33 margin, with 15 Republicans joining all Democrats in support., sending the measure to President Joe Biden.

New York Times:  The man most responsible for shaping a United States Supreme Court that delivered the conservative movement’s long-sought victory on abortion has been telling his inner circle he doesn’t think it will be good for his party come the mid-term elections.

Queerty: At the outset, Lonesome has all the makings of a classic Western, following a mysterious, smoldering, Stetson-sporting man as he wanders into town. But as soon as this lone ranger finds himself engaging in a casual truckstop hookup, you realize this isn’t your typical cowboy movie.

Check out the NSFW trailer below.