News Round-Up: January 11, 2022

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: Sphen and Magic, the gay penguin couple from Australia that captured the world’s heart, celebrated their third anniversary at Sydney’s SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Queerty: Things to definitely NOT do – film an explicit sex scene at the Acropolis in Greece as tourists pass by.

Instagram: If you’re going to do winter, lots of fur (human or faux) seems like a good idea, no?


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Washington Post: The CDC is looking to update its recommendations for wearing KN95 and N95 masks in light of Omicron. N95 masks in particular are designed to filter up to 95 percent of particles.

Boy Culture: Matt Rettenmund reviews the new memoir by sex pioneer David Pevsner, Damn Shame: A Memoir of Desire, Defiance, and Show Tunes.

The new memoir by sex pioneer David Pevsner "Damn Shame: A Memoir of Desire, Defiance, and Show Tunes"

Axios: Since United Airlines’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate went into effect last summer, no employee has died, CEO Scott Kirby said in a letter to employees.

Pink News: Poet and civil rights titan Maya Angelou, who passed away in 2014, will become the first-ever Black woman on a US quarter. Angelou’s coin went into circulation on Monday.