News Round-Up: February 7, 2022

Some news items you might have missed:

Gayety: Tom Holland shared in a recent interview he mistook a gift from his Uncharted co-star Mark Wahlberg for a sex toy. On Instagram, Wahlberg gave a pointed tutorial about the massage guns, poking fun at Holland’s initial thought.

Williamette Week: Stan Pulliam, a GOP candidate for governor in Oregon, admitted he & his wife are swingers after his post to a swingers Facebook group was discovered. Don’t worry, he’s not gay though: “I’m a heterosexual male & I’ve only personally engaged in heterosexual activity.”

Pink News: Netflix has dropped this terrific first look at Queer Eye Germany with an all-new Fab Five and they’re, well, pretty fab.

them: A new highly-infectious strain of HIV, resulting from a mutation in the virus, has been discovered in the Netherlands.

CBC: An Ottawa judge has granted an interim injunction seeking to silence the honking horns that have plagued residents of downtown Ottawa for the past 11 days. “Tooting a horn is not an expression of any great thought I’m aware of,” said Justice Hugh McLean during a court hearing in Ottawa Monday.

Metro Weekly: Uh-oh, apparently ‘COVID dick’ is a real thing and not so spectacular for those who’ll suffer long-term ill-effects to their sexual health.

Axios: US figure skater Vincent Zhou had to withdraw from the Winter Olympics individual competition after testing positive for COVID-19. The athlete did score a silver medal on Sunday night taking part in the figure skating team event.