News Round-Up: December 9, 2016

News Round-Up: December 9, 2016
I wonder if he trims?

Some news stories you may have missed:

• “Extreme groomers,” folks who trim their nether regions more than once a month, might be four times more likely to report having an STI than non-groomers.

• Trump transition team members forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

• “Alt-right” website Breitbart attempt to rip Kelloggs for canceling advertising backfires as more advertisers cancel their contracts. It couldn’t happen to a better website 🙂

• After seeing his fellow Republican governor, Pat McCrory of North Carolina, get ousted from office over anti-transgender bathroom law, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says his state doesn’t need a similar law. See? Folks can learn from the past.

• Congress refuses to reimburse New York City Police Department for the $35 million spent protecting president-elect and family through January 20th inauguration.

• Andy Cohen says “of course” he’d have sex with Justin Bieber. Me? I’d pass.