Nevada Certifies Joe Biden’s Win

Nevada Certifies Joe Biden’s Win

Nevada’s seven nonpartisan Supreme Court justices unanimously approved the state’s final canvass of the November 3 election today.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The Nevada Supreme Court signed off on the state’s election results Tuesday, making President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the state official, following numerous failed post-election court challenges that sought to delay or thwart the statutory move.

Though a few legal challenges are still pending, the court’s formal acceptance of the results from the Secretary of State’s office essentially closes the book on the 2020 election. It took less than half an hour of the court’s time Tuesday to conclude a routine matter in an election year that was anything but routine.

Nevada’s certification follows Michigan’s move to certify on Monday and Pennsylvania’s certification early Tuesday, and ahead of Wisconsin’s and Arizona’s certifications later this week. All are states President Donald Trump lost on Nov. 3, and all are states where the Republican Party and the Trump campaign filed lawsuits challenging the outcome.

Biden officially won Nevada by 33, 796 votes – 703,486 to Trump’s 669,690.