Neo-Nazi Kicked Out Of Mother’s House After Attempted Riot At Pride Event

Jared Michael Boyce was arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot at an Idaho Pride event on Saturday, June 11, 2022.
Jared Michael Boyce (mugshot – Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office)

The mother of Jared M. Boyce, 27,  kicked him out of her house after his arrest for conspiracy to riot with the far-right Neo-Nazi group Patriot Front at an Idaho Pride event. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the group “one of the most prominent white supremacist groups in the country.”

Law enforcement officials say the men, packed in a U-Haul truck, were armed with shields, riot gear, and a smoke grenade as well as documents described as “similar to an operations plan that a police or military group would put together for an event.”

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White told reporters “It is clear to us, based on the gear that the individuals had with them, the stuff they had in their possession in the U-Haul with them, along with paperwork that was seized from them, that they came to riot downtown.”

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office released the names and photos of all suspects on Sunday including Jared M. Boyce, 27, of Springville, Utah.

Boyce’s mother, Karen Amsden, told The Daily Beast her son told her that he was going camping for the weekend. But when she saw the news story about the hate group’s arrests at the Pride event, “I just knew – I knew he was part of it.”

Amsden said when her son showed up at her home on Sunday, he told her, “Don’t believe the media, mom. We were just there because they’re grooming kids.”

That term – “grooming” – has been used a lot recently by far-right politicians like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to demonize LGBTQ people as pedophiles.

But Amsden, a licensed social worker, wasn’t having it. She told him him, “Well, then you can’t live here. You can choose between Patriot Front and your family.”

“And he’s like, ‘Well, I can’t quit Patriot Front,’” Amsden continued. “I’m like, ‘Well, then you’ve just chosen. So pack your stuff and get out of my house.’”

Boyce’s Twitter account declares that he’s an “Alpha Chad,” professional Antifa tea bagger,” and “Patriot through and f*cking through.” His username, “@PedosnJooshang” if a play on the phrase “Pedos and Jews Hang.” Being the mover and shaker that he is, he joined Twitter in 2018 and has garnered a massive following of 16 on the social media platform. 

Members of Patriot Front arrested trying to intimidate LGBTQ Pride goers in Idaho

Amsden says she’s speaking to the media now in an effort to get him kicked out of the neo-Nazi group. “I would love to do whatever I can to out him [as a Patriot Front member] so that he can’t be a part of it,” she explained. “And that they don’t want him to be a part of their group because his mom has loose lips and a big mouth and he’s never going to get away with anything.”

Amsden says her son has struggled to fill a “void” in his life ever since his father left the family years ago and came out as gay. She adds that since his teenage years, her son was “​looking for some kind of connection” and “brotherhood.” What he found was Patriot Front.

It was around 2018 that Boyce discovered the white supremacist group. At the time, he was living with his then-wife and children. Soon, he began spouting Neo-Nazi propaganda and became a Holocaust denier.

“He’s so misguided and bought into all their rhetoric,” she said. “It just makes me sick. This is not who I raised. This is not the example that was set for him.”

Jared M. Boyce of the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front
(image via Twitter)

(source: The Daily Beast)