Navy Deletes Social Media Pride Posts

Navy Deletes Social Media Pride Posts

On Thursday, the U.S. Navy posted images on its Instagram and Twitter accounts of a fighter jet with rainbow colors in its wake. But by Friday, the images were gone, apparently due to pressure from anti-LGBTQ haters.

According to The Hill, a Navy spokesperson confirmed the original posts, but didn’t address why they had vanished.

Navy Deletes Social Media Pride Posts

“The US Navy posted graphics in support of the start of Pride month to honor the service, commitment, and sacrifice of the LGBTQ+ Service members and personnel who volunteer to defend our country,” the spokesperson told The Hill.

“As we do with all Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) observance months, we will look for additional opportunities to celebrate the diversity and strength of our Sailors. Members of the LGBTQ+ community serve their country, fully contribute to the DoD mission, and deserve a welcoming environment which enables them to reach their full potential.”

Fox News recently reported on email conversations last year between two Navy officials who explored ways to post about Pride Month without having to deal with “trolls and ugliness.”

“I just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with rude a**holes and we are planning to put up our Pride Month post,” wrote one official, whose name and position were redacted. “I’d just as soon post our message without any feedback from trolls and ugliness.”

Also in the news lately, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin cancelled a planned drag show that had been scheduled for Thursday at Nellis Air Force Base here in my town of Las Vegas, Nevada.