New Music: Zolita Takes It To The “Grave”

New Music: Zolita Takes It To The “Grave”
Out recording artist Zolita (photo: Jade DeRose)

Alt-pop star Zolita has released her latest single “Grave,” an intimate, confessional pop song about choosing to be the bigger person when someone you love really hurts you.

“When a toxic relationship I was in ended, I spent a lot of time looking for validation that the love we had was real at all,” shares the out artist on the song. “It was really cathartic to know I had the power to expose this person’s wrongdoings and make them hurt in the same way I did.”

“But in the end I found more power in choosing to keep things to myself and not give this person any more of my energy,” she adds.

Sonically, the track is on the more pensive side of Zolita’s usual fare of pop/rock. From the cool, confident delivery and production with chill opening chords followed by a pulse-like beat underscoring her sober, reflective vocals, the track is imminently listenable.

Zolita has earned over 300 million streams for her artistry as a singer, songwriter, director, and filmmaker who centers relatable LGBTQ storylines in her pop songs to highlight our shared humanity and move representation and acceptance forward.

Using classic tropes and nostalgia at the emotional core of her colorful, narrative-driven music videos that she self-directs, produces, and edits, Zolita channels her passion for both music and filmmaking to center LGBTQ characters and share joyful queer stories as a way of fostering inclusivity and connection.

Following the recent release of her acclaimed Falling Out / Falling In EP, Zolita will be performing in major cities coast-to-coast on Bebe Rexha’s 19-date Best F’n Night of My Life U.S. tour while playing her own headline show in Detroit, MI, on June 14.

New Music: Zolita Takes It To The “Grave”