National Dance Day 2015

Today is National Dance Day celebrating dance education and fitness.
God knows I’m not a dance instructor, but I am often asked to teach “master classes” where I pass along some of what I’ve learned as a professional dancer and choreographer.
The pic above was taken in January 2014 when a national dance competition company brought their regional champions to Las Vegas as a “prize.” I taught a master class on Bob Fosse technique using “All That Jazz” from CHICAGO as a base.
Working with Ann Reinking on CHICAGO on Broadway I always remember her talking about the tradition in dance of “passing on” what we as dancers learn and live.  I’ve never forgotten that.
I’m not the guy to teach how to plie or tendu, but I’m always excited to “pass on” the style and approach of those I’ve learned from.
Go get up and dance, folks. It’ll make you feel better 🙂