My Favorite Thing Today: Pink & Channing Tatum Dance In Drag “Beautiful Trauma”

Channing Tatum and Pink

Easily my favorite thing today, Pink’s new music video, “Beautiful Trauma,” co-starring Channing Tatum is just about everything you could want in a video.

Framed in candy-colored fifties flair, the duo play a married couple who break into Fred & Ginger dance with ease, and all seems to be suburban perfection.

But what lies underneath reveals much more as Pink finds Channing experimenting with some cross-dressing fun.

Fearlessly challenging gender-norms, Channing twirls in a gorgeous gown as Pink wears gangster like a champ. A touch of lipstick for Channing and the kids are ready to kick up their heels.

What follows it what usually happens with dress-up playtime, multiple martinis and a friendly leather-clad playmate (played by dancer Nikki Tuazon).

As I’ve written before, I’m a huge fan of Pink and the song, “Beautiful Trauma,” is another richly-woven pop-song from one of our top talents in music today.

And seriously, who wouldn’t want to frolic with the ever-game Channing Tatum?

Watch below. This definitely brightened my day 🙂