Donald Trump: Roy Moore Allegations Are From A Long Time Ago

Finally addressing the ongoing sexual misconduct allegations of Alabama Republican Roy Moore, Donald Trump defended Moore’s candidacy by saying “You don’t need someone who’s soft on crime like Doug Jones.”

From CNN:

“We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat, Jones. I’ve looked at his record. It’s terrible on crime. It’s terrible on the border. It’s terrible on military,” Trump said. “I can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody who’s going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad for the military, bad for the Second Amendment.”

Trump repeatedly emphasized that Jones has denied the allegations brought against him.

Trump declined to say whether he believed Moore’s denials, but when asked he again pointed to the denials.

“Well, he denies. I mean, he denies. I mean, Roy Moore denies it. And by the way, it is a total denial. And I do have to say 40 years is a long time. He’s run eight races and this has never come up. Forty years is a long time,” Trump said, pointing to the amount of time that has passed since the alleged behavior.

It’s worth noting that Doug Jones successfully prosecuted two of the four Ku Klux Klan members responsible for the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that killed four African-American girls during church service in September 1963.

Not very “soft on crime” in my book.

Watch the Trumpster’s comments below.