Halloween PSA Reminds Parents – It’s All Just Pretend

As we head into the Halloween holiday with all its spooky, dress-up fun for everyone, I thought this PSA (which debuted in 2017) makes for a timely #ThrowbackThursday post.

Boys and girls all over the country will get excited this evening about dressing up as their favorite super-hero, comic book character or cartoon persona for Halloween.

And in this day and age, some of those choices might surprise parents.

This public service announcement serves as a touching blueprint for moms and dads who might feel concern as their kids go house to house on Halloween as, say, “Batman” and “Wonder Woman.”

In the video, two children oversee their parents carving pumpkins with the logos of their favorite superheroes before running up to their rooms to suit up for a night of Halloween fun.

The two-minute video continues as the parents dutifully follow the mighty duo as they make their way from house to house in the neighborhood. We see one neighbor thanking the tiny tots for “keeping our streets safe” as the parents watch from the curb.

At the end of the clip, mom and dad tuck the kids into bed and there’s an important reveal.

One of the co-writers for the spot, Alexander Day, told HuffPost at the time, “Halloween can be a time people can express themselves in a certain way and not be attacked for it.”

For those who get concerned about so-called “gender norms,” just remember – the kids are pretending no matter who or what they choose to dress as.

And that goes for the adults who enjoy the holiday as well.

Here’s hoping everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

Funnyman Michael Henry Challenges “Masc/Fem” Gay Couple Stereotypes

Funnyman Michael Henry is back with a new video challenging gender norms and sexual stereotypes.
Michael Henry (L) and Sachin Bhatt (R)

Funnyman Michael Henry is back with a new video challenging gender norms and sexual stereotypes.

This time, he’s joined by Chad Westbrook and Sachin Bhatt heading to the ice cream store.

When Bhatt goes to get his phone in his car, Michael and Chad get to talking about whether Chad is the assumed ‘fem’ member of the couple.

Chad has an epic gay meltdown, until Sachin makes a startling confession.

Watch below.

My Favorite Thing Today: Pink & Channing Tatum Dance In Drag “Beautiful Trauma”

Channing Tatum and Pink

Easily my favorite thing today, Pink’s new music video, “Beautiful Trauma,” co-starring Channing Tatum is just about everything you could want in a video.

Framed in candy-colored fifties flair, the duo play a married couple who break into Fred & Ginger dance with ease, and all seems to be suburban perfection.

But what lies underneath reveals much more as Pink finds Channing experimenting with some cross-dressing fun.

Fearlessly challenging gender-norms, Channing twirls in a gorgeous gown as Pink wears gangster like a champ. A touch of lipstick for Channing and the kids are ready to kick up their heels.

What follows it what usually happens with dress-up playtime, multiple martinis and a friendly leather-clad playmate (played by dancer Nikki Tuazon).

As I’ve written before, I’m a huge fan of Pink and the song, “Beautiful Trauma,” is another richly-woven pop-song from one of our top talents in music today.

And seriously, who wouldn’t want to frolic with the ever-game Channing Tatum?

Watch below. This definitely brightened my day 🙂