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My Favorite Thing Today: Jeremy Jordan Sings “It’s All Coming Back To Me”

Broadway’s Jeremy Jordan sings Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me”

On January 9th, Broadway’s biggest belters celebrated the best-selling Canadian music artist in history, Celine Dion, in an evening of epic power ballads, and classic pop tunes at the hot NYC cabaret spot, 54 Below.

The starry cast included Jeremy Jordan (Newsies, “Smash”) who brought his considerable vocal prowess to the enormous pop aria, “It’s All Coming Back To Me.”

Not only does Jordan’s voice soar through the piece, he brings the right balance of humor to moments letting you know he doesn’t take himself too seriously. WE, however, take Jeremy’s uber-talent way serious.

Watch as he delivers passionate vocals and pops of comedic twinkle below. This is my favorite thing today 🙂

The writer of the song, Jim Steinman, had this to say: “As I wrote and produced the song for Celine – I’m very impressed and pleased with JEREMY’S ability to scale the Olympian operatic heights and imbue it with humor, seamlessly! All in all, BRILLIANT!! And thank you.”

By the way, Jeremy co-stars with Into The Woods star Anna Kendrick in the upcoming film adaptation of the cult musical favorite The Last 5 Years. In theaters and VOD February 13.

“Three minutes left…”

Key change!

“There were moments of gold, and there were flashes of light”

“If I forgive you all this…”

Equal opportunity crooner – “When you see me like this…”