#TBT: 19-Year-Old Celine Dion Amazing Take On ‘Memory’

19-year-old Celine Dion sings a spectacular "Memory"
19-year-old Celine Dion sings a spectacular "Memory"
Celine Dion then and now (images via Instagram/screen capture)

For a little #ThrowbackThursday action, check out teenage Celine Dion singing “Memory” from the mega-musical CATS in 1987.

Even though she was just 19-years-old at the time, the voice and vocal bravura were clearly already in bloom.

Performed on the popular Canadian TV show, ‘L’autobus du Show Business,’ La Dion shows up in full Grizabella regalia and throws down a powerful rendition.

Regular readers may recall my first big acting gig after moving to New York City in 1985 was in a new national touring company of CATS as the ‘Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.’

After doing my big number in Act Two, our Grizabella (a spectacular Leslie Ellis, who would go on to earn a Grammy singing on Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”) would come out and sing “Memory.”

My part in that moment was to sit on the enormous tire upstage of Leslie and stare at the back of her head as she knocked it out of the park. #TheGlamourOfShowBiz

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Celine Hits The Road (With The Help Of Some Vegas Drag Queens)

Celine Dion (screen capture)

Living in Las Vegas, I’ve grown accustomed to pop superstar Celine Dion being Sin City’s longest-running resident diva.

A New Day, her first residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which ran from March 2003 to December 2007, is the most successful residency of all time grossing over $385 million. The 717 performances were attended by nearly 3 million people.

She took a break, but came back to Caesars Palace for a second residency, titled Celine, in March 2011.

That production will end on June 8, 2019, as she departs for her first North American tour in over a decade to support her upcoming new album, Courage.

To announce the news of the Courage World Tour, the 51-year-old singer enlisted some help from other Las Vegas ‘divas’ for a video.

In the clip, Celine is heading out of Sin City in a sixteen-wheeler with an Elvis impersonator marrying a couple, along with a senior still clicking away at a slot machine.

But when the big-rig truck breaks down, thankfully “Tina,” “Diana,” “Barbara” and a Celine queen look-a-like show up right in the nick of time.

Celine and her band climb into the queens’ vehicle, and the international recording artist is soon serenaded all the way to Los Angeles with a medley of her hits.

The video is cute, it’s kitschy, and a fitting ‘so long’ to Vegas.

The new album, Courage, is expected to drop sometime in November.

The Courage World Tour will launch on September 18 in Quebec City, and will play in over 50 cities through April 2020.

Click here for tour info, and you check out Celine and the queens below.

Céline Dion Creates New Gender-Neutral Fashion Line For Kids

Céline Dion in new ad for her new non-binary kids clothing line

Céline Dion has collaborated with fashion brand NUNUNU to develop a gender neutral line of children’s clothing.

The concept is to allow children to find their own personal style rather than be boxed into a traditional pink vs blue mindset.

Asserting that “fashion builds concepts deep within our minds,” the company says the new line (titled, CELINUNUNU) “aims to free the forces of creativity and imagination in children, nurturing equality and flexibility of thought that enable kids to fully embrace who they are.”

And speaking of ‘embracing who they are,’ the new ad spot for the fashion line casts Celine as a badass binary-busting ninja.

In the video, we see the “My Heart Will Go On” singer enter what appears to be a gender-segregated maternity ward.

Celine provides voiceover narration for the spot:

Our children. They are not really our children. as we are all just links in a never-ending chain that is life. For us, they are everything. But in reality, we are only a fraction of their universe. We miss the past. They dream of tomorrow. We may thrust them forward into the future. But the course will always be theirs to choose.

Reaching into her bag, she finds black glitter confetti (of course) and blows it across the room transforming the ward into a gender-neutral space. The children are suddenly decked out in bold black and white, non-gendered fashions.

Celine explained to PEOPLE that the new line “lets children choose outside stereotypes and norms so they can bring from within their own tastes and preferences.”

“We help them feel free, creative, inspired, respectful of one another and happy in the world,” she adds.

With that in mind, the line offers ‘fashion-forward’ looks utilizing bold prints (alphabets, stars, plus signs) in a palette of black, white, yellow and denim. The plus sign represents equality.

Most of the clothing is priced between $50 and $100, although there is a $290 leather jacket available for your 3-year-old to grow out of in a few months.

Back in the maternity ward, though, security has shown up and our heroine attempts to escape. But, curses, she’s felled by a flying tackle.

In a last ditch effort, she attempts to play the celeb card as she’s cuffed and being taken away: “Guys, relax, easy – I’m Celine Dion.”

But, alas, to no avail. The cop replies, “Yeah, girl, and I’m Beyonce.”

Watch the ad spot below. You can check out the new non-binary children’s line on celinununu.com.

Celine Dion & Deadpool Team-Up In New Music Video For DEADPOOL 2 Soundtrack

Pop superstar Celine Dion has recorded an original track, “Ashes,” for the upcoming Deadpool 2 soundtrack and it’s pretty much just what you’d want from the parties involved.

Celine sings her face off (no surprise there) and then, there’s Deadpool himself who feels so moved by the song that he contributes an interpretive dance in high heels to the music video.

Over a million views in just a few hours, this is pretty terrific.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 15.

Céline Dion Wows Billboard Music Awards With 20th Anniversary Celebration Of “My Heart Will Go On”

Last night Céline Dion wowed the Billboard Music Awards audience with an epic performance of ”My Heart Will Go On” for Titanic’s 20th anniversary.

Her performance wasn’t the only drama on stage, though. With clips of Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet playing behind her, a gorgeous white couture gown by Stephane Rolland, and an enormous chandelier serving to reveal the diva, the moment was full of well-crafted theater.

Watch the master at work below.

Funny: Céline Dion Plays “Wheel of Musical Impressions” On The Tonight Show

Céline Dion, currently promoting her new French language album Encore un soir which drops August 26, showed that she’s game for a good time as she took part in one of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite Tonight Show games “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”

As a “random generator” came up with famous singer/song combinations, Céline delivered her impressions of Cher, Rihanna, and Sia with abandon.

The best moment came as she pulled her hair over her face to deliver a Sia inspired “Hush Little Baby,” and then thanked the audience with her back facing the audience.

The Canadian diva also dropped by The Today Show on Friday, belting out several of her hits. But this beautifully subdued version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was particularly artful.

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