Music Video: Michael Blume “Blunder”

Music Video: Michael Blume “Blunder”

NYC-based indie/soul artist Michael Blume has released a new music video for his single “Blunder.”

The video reminds us all that we can overcome negativity and self-doubt to go from being our own harshest critic to our biggest ally.

See, I’ve been holding on
to the things they said about me
But I gotta move on
’cause this time I’ll let myself be free

I know that I’m worthy
I know I’m deserving
I feel it coming in the air
I’ve got to try it
No more hiding
How you gonna find me if I’m not there?

“We all make mistakes by allowing the outside world’s ideas of who we should be to infiltrate our own psyches and concepts of self. We all sit in different places on the bus that is life struggling with our own demons,” explains Blume.

“This video speaks to the ways in which this place of struggle connects us. I believe that empathy is a big part of community growth and I hope the video highlights how alike we all are even when we feel alone with our pain.”

In the video, Blume shares a bus ride with a group of strangers who come to find that empathy through unity, if only for a brief moment.

The song is available now and is from Michael’s forthcoming EP due out later this year.

“Blunder” is an ode to feeling good about yourself, and not letting the feelings of self-doubt take over.”- Nylon

“The through-line across his growing catalogue is music that harnesses and reflects on the power of individuality and self-knowledge, a message he matches in his bold fashion, exuberance in live performance and advocacy for equal rights… ” – Time

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Watch Michael Blume’s “Blunder” below.