Music Video: Eli Lieb “When You Need A Friend”

Openly gay singer/songwriter Eli Lieb went back to his old high school to spread love and support after a young teen transgender boy committed suicide
Eli Lieb

Out singer/songwriter Eli Lieb shares this uplifting music video for his song, “When You Need a Friend,” which Eli wrote in the aftermath of a young, male transgender student as his old high school committing suicide.

Backed by The Trevor Project, Eli returned to his old school to reach out to kids there and spread some love.

Premiering the new video on NewNowNext, Eli shares:

“I wrote, ’When You Need A Friend’ inspired by his memory, but also for anyone in need,” he says. “I wanted people to know that times can be really tough but if you keep fighting through them, there’s a bright future ahead. I also wanted people to feel like they have a friend in me, even if they don’t know me personally. I want people to feel like when they play this song, that I am there with them offering support.”

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Hit play on the video below, and you can also check out my recent interview with Eli for The Randy Report podcast.