Former Mr. Gay World Lawyers Up + More News

Louw Breytenbach - former Mr. Gay World pageant winner
Louw Breytenbach (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

Queerty: Louw Breytenbach, a former Mr. Gay World pageant winner, has hired a lawyer to defend himself against the organization after it served him with a gag order.  Breytenbach refused to sign the final contract when he realized it stipulated the organization would be his exclusive agent for any bookings or acting gigs.

Pink News: Scientific journal The Lancet has documented  “the first case of a dog with confirmed monkeypox virus infection that might have been acquired through human transmission.” The poor dog tested positive after sleeping in the same bed as his gay dads in Paris.

Outsports: Out minor league pitcher Solomon Bates signed with a new professional baseball team, the Sioux City Explorers, two days after coming out. The Explorers are part of the American Association of Professional Baseball, an independent league founded in 2005.

New Music: The latest music video from singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, “Beach House,” serves up a bevy of beach dudes dancing around her as she recounts her adventures on the dating scene. From her upcoming album The Loneliest Time due out October 21.

Reuters:  Out WNBA star Brittney Griner appealed her drug conviction, as a senior Russian diplomat confirmed that Moscow and Washington were discussing a prisoner exchange.

CNN: Former presidential wanna-be Andrew Yang believes he’s started a new, third political party – the Forward Party. But when asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta about policy positions, he had zero. #cringeworthy

New York Times: Aides to Donald Trump claim that the Donald had a “standing order” to automatically declassify any documents moved from the Oval Office to his residence. Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, says he never heard of that and added it’s “almost certainly a lie.”

Twitter: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene believes shifting to solar and wind generated energy will mean we won’t have power at night.