Monmouth University Poll: Hillary Clinton Holds 7 Point Lead Over Donald Trump

Monmouth University poll shows Democrat Hillary Clinton currently leads Republican Donald Trump by 7 points in the survey’s latest results.

Clinton snagged 46% support versus Trump’s 39%.

Third party candidates remain in the single digits with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson at 7% and Green Party’s Jill Stein at 2%.

Those numbers make it unlikely that they will make the presidential debate stage. The debate commission rules state that candidates have to average at least 15% across five major polls to qualify for the debate stage.

While the two major candidates both have low “favorable” scores and high “unfavorables,” Clinton does better than Trump in both categories.

In the current poll, 34% of voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton and 51% have an unfavorable view of her.

Even fewer (26%) have a favorable opinion of Trump and 57% have an unfavorable view of him.