“Miss New Mexico doesn’t believe in GLBT rights”

“Miss New Mexico doesn’t believe in GLBT rights”

Apparently, Miss New Mexico isn’t all that “enchanted” with the New Mexico LGBT community.

According to Jesse Lopez, president of Albuquerque Pride, the current Miss New Mexico, Madison Tabet, agreed to perform at the upcoming “Outstanding Awards” show to be held on March 11th.

But this past week a rep from the statewide Miss New Mexico offices called with bad news. “The conversation, like I said, was pretty heartbreaking when she said Miss New Mexico doesn’t believe in GLBT rights. So it was an emotional day for me yesterday,” said Lopez.

When a reporter from KOB Eyewitness News 4 called the Miss New Mexico offices for confirmation, Carol Henry, the statewide Executive Director of Miss New Mexico, said that was a personal question she wasn’t willing to answer.

Mr. Lopez showed KOB Eyewitness News 4 documented proof that Tabet had agreed to the appearance through Facebook, email and phone call discussions.

The story at this point seems to be that Ms. Tabet has another appearance scheduled for that night.

Ms. Tabet, unfortunately, was not a finalist during her national pageant.  Nor was she voted Miss Congeniality or honored with a Quality of Life Award at her national pageant.

Miss New Mexico 2009 Nicole Miner, who placed in the top 7 at her national pageant, will take part in the Outstanding Awards show.