Michael Henry Shines A Light On The Use Of GHB In Gay Culture

Michael Fariss in “G” (screen capture)

Michael Henry is back with another lighthearted yet pointed message about how some behaviors in gay culture can be dangerous.

Chatting in the park about the upcoming ‘Zebra Meat Disco party,’ Michael Fariss shares that he’s heading home to make his “special cocktail” with GHB.

Yeah, that would be the date rape drug.

Michael Henry and Chris Renfro are understandably confused. “So you’re micro-dosing the date rape drug to feel peak buzz?” asks Chris.

After listing the many dangers involved in using the drug – including a one-drop threshold between bliss and incapacitation – Fariss admits he has “G-ed out” in the past.

“I was in a paralyzed-like state, I shook, I had heart palpitations, and I was completely incoherent. My friend said I projectile vomited and fell through a skylight,” says Fariss. “BUT – before that, I was horny as hell.”

Eventually, Fariss flips the script on Henry and Renfro pointing out that alcohol can lead to becoming incapacitated as well.

Watch the clip below to see all the great points raised. Props to Michael Henry for continuing to use humor to bring up important questions facing the LGBTQ community.

By the way, there are already hundreds of comments on the YouTube page in less than a day. Many share their own stories of folks slipping GHB into their drinks and waking up on someone’s front lawn or in the hospital.

Click here to view the comments for yourself. Things that make you go hmm…