Matador Meggings Ups The Workout Gear Game

Matador Meggings is redefining workout clothes for men
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As we are slowly emerge from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and return to more normal activities, I’ve been looking forward to getting back to the gym. Not only for physical and mental health, but the mirror was telling me I could up my game a bit.

But when I went to pull out my old gym clothes, I really wasn’t feeling it. Most of what I used to wear to the gym was very baggy, or didn’t fit well, and let’s face it – tastes change.

Usually, the leggings I’d seen marketed to men were pretty thin in terms of material, and a bit revealing in regard to the crotch area. The idea of wearing underwear under them seemed counterproductive because who wants to see bunched up material under a guy’s clothes?

Enter Matador Meggings.

In writing for other outlets, I’d seen ads for Matador Meggings, leggings specifically made for men with men’s needs in mind.

The name was inspired by the form-fitting pants worn by bullfighters in Spain that minimize the chance of anything snagging on a bull’s horn.

Valentine Aseyo - founder of Matador Meggings
Valentine Aseyo, founder of Matador Meggings

From Valentine Aseyo, founder of Matador Meggings:

The inspiration for our meggings comes from the OGs of men’s leggings: matadors, aka bullfighters. Matadors are hyper-masculine but also emotional figures who needed tight-fitting pants that wouldn’t slow them down. After all, we’re talking man vs. bull here. Speed and agility are non-negotiable—and neither is looking badass.

So, we took a page from the history books—and now we’ve added our own: men’s leggings for today’s matador. No matter what bull you’re fighting or what bullshit you’re putting up with, our meggings are ready for battle (and the gym, yoga, festivals, parties, Sunday brunch—should we go on?).

As it happened, the folks at Matador Meggings reached out to me to see if I would consider reviewing their product. #PerfectTiming

I received a pair of gray/black Meggings as well as their gray camo compression shorts to try out. I have to say, I really liked both.

Matador Meggings Ups The Workout Gear Game
Gray camo shorts

My favorite thing about the product is the fit. No matter what movement or exercise I was doing, I never felt like the waist slid down (i.e. no plumber’s crack action).

There’s a built-in drawstring inside the waist although I didn’t really feel like I needed to use it to keep the waist in place.

And the design features a soft molded crotch cup which hides VPL (visible penis line) and gives peace of mind that you aren’t showing off everything to the world. (p.s. the cup can be removed for those guys who are down for advertising their cargo).

Plus, there’s a comfortable amount of compression that feels – for lack of better language – more masculine than other leggings I’d seen. My legs actually felt more muscular.

And the noticeably more substantial material made the Meggings feel like a better value.

Matador Meggings infographic

There are two small, form-fitting pockets on each leg. One has a zipper for car keys or a wallet/ID, and the other is an open but snug pocket for your phone making for easy access.

There’s also a handy loop on the back of the waist for hanging a gym towel or shirt (if you’re running and get hot).

The swirl design (inspired by the horns of a bull) seems to emphasize your quads and calves in just the right way.

Matador Meggings Ups The Workout Gear Game
Sky Meggings

If you want bold, there’s the Arrow Meggings or Sky Meggings; but if you want something a little less ‘out there,’ you can go with the gray/black like I did. And there’s tons of choices in between.


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Another plus for me – Matador Meggings only partners with facilities that are conscious of the environment and uses no harmful chemicals.

They also choose partners that focus on the good treatment of the workers and provide health care, housing incentives and even on-site kindergarten building strong communities and happy families.

In addition to the shorts and Meggings, there are also workout shirts and more.

Matador Meggings Ups The Workout Gear Game
Black/red Meggings with Black workout top


Regular readers know I don’t review products I don’t like. Whether new music, a new Chardonnay or other lifestyle items, if I’m putting time into sharing something new, it’s because I’m impressed with it. I’ll definitely be wearing my Meggings for my workouts.

And yes – if, for some reason, you aren’t totally happy with your purchase,  the company has a 30 day return/refund policy.

So, head over to Matador Meggings and check out the wares.

And you don’t have to be an InstaHunk to wear Matador Meggings. With lots of colors and designs, everyone looks good in these.

There’s even an Instagram account – BullsOfMatadorMeggings – where everyday guys share their selfies working out at home, at the gym, taking a run or just relaxing in their Meggings.

Disclosure: This is post contains affiliate links. I was not paid for this post although I did receive courtesy product from Matador Meggings for my honest review only.