Paper Citizen Drops Gritty, Driving Pop/Rock Single ‘Heart On Fire’

Paper Citizen, the indie rock project created by out singer /songwriter Claire Gohst, releases her latest single, "Heart On Fire."
Claire Gohst of Paper Citizen (image via Instagram)

Paper Citizen, the indie rock project created by out singer-songwriter, and music producer, Claire Gohst, recently dropped the gritty, guitar-tastic new track, “Heart on Fire.”

Describing her sound as “indie-rock for a lost soul in a new world,” Paper Citizen serves up richly-layered pop-rock blending sassy, sensual vocals with driving beats and an infectious hook.

In an Instagram post, Gohst shared the song is “about finding the people in your life who can ignite your heart with an undeniable flame of warmth & love.”

“This feeling draws you into a safe space where you can be vulnerable and express yourself freely, giving you the power to turn every inch of your darkness to the light,” she added.

Gohst hopes the track will encourage listeners to live their truth and surround themselves with only the “special folks who bring a fiery glow” to their lives.

“Heart on Fire” was written by Gohst and produced together with Sutter Hellwarth & Ainjel Emme, and features drummer Anthony Lopez.

At 17, Gohst was kicked out of her home when her family found out she was gay. She eventually left school to pursue music as a full-time career.

Thriving in the local live music scene around Singapore, playing the violin, and singing in bars, clubs, and restaurants, she realized she needed to grow to become a better artist. Soon after, she moved to Boston to pursue training in the recording arts and jazz violin at Berklee College of Music.

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Her artistic message, honed with musical influences, such as Wilco, St. Vincent, and Andrew Bird, combined with both analog and digital recording technology, resulted in her project, Paper Citizen.

“Heart On Fire” is a follow up to her acclaimed 2021 album Wandering Gohst.