Lauv Updates Fans On Life, Music & More

Lauv Updates Fans On Life, Music & More
Lauv (screen capture)

Uber-popular recording artist Lauv (“I Like Me Better”) has been sharing some of his personal journey over the past few weeks ever since he made headlines in Pride Month when he posted on social media, “When ur dating a girl but ur also a little bit into men.”

Since then the singer/songwriter (whose real name is Ari Staprans Leff) has come out as “gay but not gay but gay but not gay.”

Yep, a bit confusing. But then, life and coming out can be that way.

He recently shared a video message to fans on YouTube titled “an update” where he opens up a little bit more about where his head is at in terms of his sexuality.

“I’m going through an interesting time, where, for years, you may know I’ve struggled with OCD and anxiety really badly,” Lauv shares. “And one of the things I’ve obsessed about has been my sexuality.”

“I’ve pushed it down a lot and I felt like this is anxiety and not actually a real thing,” he continues. “Like, I would feel feelings or feel a connection or a vibe or desire or something, and would just shut it down. Obviously, I’ve dated exclusively women in my life so far… Sorry, this is just a little hard. But I’m getting better every day.”

He goes on to say that he’s been processing his inner thoughts – where else? –  though his music. He adds that his upcoming album “speaks to being happy and figuring out what makes me happy—and not worrying about what other people think.”

You can watch the full “update” below.

And speaking of that which makes him happy, this week Lauv dropped his new single, “Love U Like That,” an upbeat bop complete with lyrics that reflect his new frame of mind:

I love you like that / Body on my mind like all night long
Six o’clock in the mornin’, babe / Want you more than yesterday
Used to judge myself, now I don’t care ’cause, hey / I love you like that