Las Vegas Homophobe Threatens To Blow Up Business Over Pride Flag & Biden Sign

On Thursday, an anonymous man phoned MILK+T, an LGBTQ-owned boba tea shop in Las Vegas, and threatened to ‘blow up’ the business over a Pride flag and a Biden/Harris sign on display.

Caroline Sadorra, the manager of the tea shop’s Las Vegas branch, answered the call. Sadorra told local NBC News affiliate KSNV that while the Pride flag was a regular fixture at the business, the Biden/Harris sign was left there after a recent campaign event by Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV).

(screen capture via KSNV)

In a recording of the two phone conversations shared on social media, the man asked Sadorra, “I’m wondering why a f**king company would have a f**king faggot sign outside your store? You have a candidate that’s running for the new world order. What’s wrong with you?”

When the manager tried to bring the call to a close, he cursed at her, “Go f**k yourself, losers!”

Five minutes later the man called again having decided that the tea shop had an “anti-American owner,” and promised to “blow up” the store before hanging up.

One of the owners, Beyah Delmundo, told KSNV she plans to file a police report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Monday morning. The business’s phone recorded the caller’s phone number.

Delmundo says she considered removing the Biden/Harris sign after the call, but decided, “Right now is not the time to be silent and to be shy about what you stand for.”

In sharing the recording on Facebook, MILK+T wrote, in part:

To attack us was simply unwarranted. It shocked us and made us realize how much hate there is in our country. More than ever, we have to come together.
Choose kindness and love, not the route of tearing another apart and threatening violence because of our differences.

LGBTQ rights ARE human rights. At MILK+T, we believe that Black Lives Matter. Women’s rights are human rights. No human is illegal. Science is real. Love is love, and kindness is everything.

Even though this shook us to our core, we stand firmly on what we believe. It takes courage to stand for what you believe in, and despite everything, we have courage and hope in the good there is in the world.