L.A. Times: “Same-sex marriage, NOW”

L.A. Times: “Same-sex marriage, NOW”

In a very direct and clear editorial published today, the L.A. Times has called for gays and lesbians to be allowed to get married while the Proposition 8 case continues it’s circuitous route through the courts.

“Enough already. Gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to wed while the case works its way through the system.”

“The state Supreme Court was asked by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on whether supporters of Proposition 8 have the right — known as “standing” — to continue with their case. It indicated that it would hear arguments late this year, with a ruling likely to follow a few months later. Meanwhile, a stay pending the outcome of the appeal has kept gay weddings from going forward. Now, however, the lawyers challenging Proposition 8 have asked the 9th Circuit to lift the stay and allow the weddings to take place. We agree that it should.”

I’m with the L.A. Times. A stay should be issued only if it looks like those appealing the decision will prevail. That would be the anti-gay Prop 8 supporters here. At this point, it’s very murky if those appealing even have “standing” to appeal.

Also, during the trial, the supporters of Proposition 8 were unable to identify any harm that would befall them if same-sex weddings took place.

This could possibly continue on for more than a year, and in that time gays & lesbians are, by definition, are being harmed in denying their rights. And the denial of constitutional rights is never a justifiable action.

Time to let the LGBT community have access to these important civil rights.