Kentö Looks To Tomorrow In New Single “Australia”

Kentö drops his new single "Australia"
Kentö (photo: Courtney Charles)

Australia” is the third single drawn from the upcoming album Strangers by synth-pop artist Kentö. The out singer/songwriter says the track is a very special song for him about moving forward.

The music video spans decades, from the 1970s to today, amid a chill, unhurried soundscape. Showcasing Kentö’s pure vocals, the song is a tender exploration with an eye on the horizon for what comes next.

“I think pop music tends to have trends that all sound like one thing, and then someone comes along and shakes things up with a timeless sound,” says Kentö. “That’s the kind of music I want to make.”

The artist, a cancer survivor who identifies as being LGBTQI+ and on the autism spectrum, says those aspects help make up his “superpowers.”

A portion of all proceeds from Kentö’s music releases this year will go to the American Cancer Society as he celebrates 6 years cancer-free (Yay!!!). I first featured the handsome artist with his June 2021 release, “Silhouette.”

If you’re in California later this month, be sure to stop in at San Fernando Valley Pride on June 25 where Kentö will be one of the headliners performing on the main stage.

He’s also featured on Vevo’s “Pride: Gen Z Edition Playlist.” You can follow him on Instagram here.