Out Music: Kentö, Shea Diamond, Cade Bittner, Harrison Barnes, Sarah Barrios

Out singer/songwriter Kentö releases his new single 'Silhouette'
Out singer/songwriter/producer Kentö (promo photo)

Lots of new music to unpack for your Pride Month listening pleasure and there’s something for everyone here – synth-pop, dance music, rock and more.

First up, singer, songwriter and producer, Kentö, is authentically himself with the release of “Silhouette” this week.

Kentö’s warm, languid vocals are a perfect match for the shimmering synth-pop production as he sings, “Make it good, make it last so they never forget your silhouette.”

The artist, a cancer survivor who identifies as being LGBTQI+ and on the autism spectrum, says those aspects help make up his “superpowers.”

“I think pop music tends to have trends that all sound like one thing, and then someone comes along and shakes things up with a timeless sound,” says Kentö. “That’s the kind of music I want to make.”

You can follow the handsome artist on Instagram here.

Shea Diamond (promo photo)
Shea Diamond (promo photo)

Soul chanteuse Shea Diamond throws down serious dance beats with her new single, “Smile.”

With a funky bass line, bright sassy horns and Diamond’s signature groovy vocal goodness, this track is a winner.

Set in a roller rink littered with glitter and disco balls everywhere, the boys twirl for life on the floor (or find some private time in the men’s room).

“This song reminds me that I’m not the victim society deemed me; I’m a survivor,” Shea said. “I wanted a song that captured the roller coaster of emotions and experiences we go through in life.”

“With the pandemic mostly over I wanted a song of triumph and celebration, one that encourages you to get up, get out, and dance!”

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Cade Bittner's latest single 'Dancing In My Own Light'

Since its debut earlier this month, the latest track from Cade Bittner has seen his new single, “Dancing In My Own Light,” run up the charts in the UK and hit #3 on the iTunes Dance Chart.

The vibrant dance-pop track has a buoyant bounce that definitely brings a taste of the Pride rainbow.

“I wanted to write a song that made people feel happy and dance,” says Bittner. “It has been a hard year for so many… and although the message is universal, I wrote this as an anthem for my LGBT+ community. It’s about loving who you were born to be.”

Bounce down to that play button and enjoy. You can follow the Minneapolis-based artist on Instagram here.

Cover image for the new single from Harrison Barnes 'Call My Name'

Las Vegas-based singer/songwriter Harrison Barnes serves up his latest sexy pop bop, “Call My Name,” about a ex coming back for another round.

The moody, intoxicating electro-pop soundscape is matched with a shadowy, abs-out, wet and wild dance video that reminds us how fun music videos can be.

“Call My Name” in an infectious track made for summer pool parties. Follow Barnes on Instagram here.

Sarah Barrios drops her latest single "IH8EVERY1"

Singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios penned her latest track, “IH8EVERY1,” as part of her “You Ask, I Write” series on TikTok with a short snippet initially shared on May 3rd of this year. After its viral response on TikTok with over 3 million plays and over 650k likes, she knew she had to release the full version.

The rock-tinged single is full of sass and cheeky unfiltered fun as Barrios delivers an authentic, audacious turn reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper.

“Fairytales are hard to believe sometimes, especially if your prince or princess charming doesn’t turn out to be who you hoped them to be,” shares Barrios. “It’s easy to give up on love and hope altogether and can make you feel like it’s you against the world. But every once in a while, you meet someone you don’t mind being around, and you start to feel that small sliver of hope. That’s what this song is about.”

“HAPPY PRIDE FROM UR FAVE MESSY BISEXUAL!” wrote Sarah Barrios on her Instagram at the beginning of the month. “Took a few years but I finally made it!!! This is my first pride out of the closet and my god does it feel good.”