‘Karen’ Asked To Wear Face Mask Screams “Democratic Pigs!” Exiting Store

‘Karen’ Asked To Wear Face Mask Screams “Democratic Pigs!” Exiting Store
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UPDATE: A Twitter user has posted a detailed account by a friend who says they witnessed this sad episode. According to them, the ‘Karen’ in question wore a mask with no problem while waiting in line outside the store for 30 minutes.

Apparently, once inside the store, she removed her mask and began “getting up in people’s face, getting as close as possible,” all while putting not one item in her basket.

Check out the tweets following the video clips below for more details.

In this installment of the ‘Karen’ Chronicles, a woman shopping at a newly-opened Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood, California, on Friday evening became irate when asked to wear a face mask.

In a video shared on Twitter, the woman seems incredulous that a mask is required to shop in the store. After slamming her shopping basket to the floor, she screamed “Democratic pigs!” as she headed to the door.

Passing the man recording the incident, she made a point to say she has “a breathing problem” and her doctor would not “let” her wear a face mask.

Please note – that ‘breathing problem’ doesn’t seem to inhibit her from yelling at the top of her lungs.

As one person on Twitter noted, if she has a respiratory condition she would be at a higher risk of coronavirus infection. You think her ‘doctor’ would either tell her to wear a mask or stay at home.

On June 18, California officials announced face coverings will be required in public areas, workplaces, public transportation, and in common walkways and elevators of offices and businesses.

Dining, drinking, or participating in outdoor athletic activity that can be done with a distance between people of 6 feet are exempt from the requirement. The order also exempts medical conditions.

The Los Angeles CBS News affiliate reports hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in the Golden State have been steadily increasing.

Currently, 4,240 people with coronavirus occupy hospital beds, which is a 32 percent increase from two weeks ago. Intensive care units are seeing 1,306 people with the virus, up 19 percent over the last two weeks.