Jordan Torres On The Beach + More InstaHunk Round-Up

Checking in on some favorite InstaHunks including Jordan Torres, Garrett Clayton, Wilson Cruz, and more
Jordan Torres (via Instagram)

Checking in with the Hunks of Insta this week starting with Jordan Torres, who was giving off buff beach vibes.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew member Bruno Alcantara offered a glimpse into backstage life:

Garrett Clayton was slipping and sliding through the week…

…while Jake Miller slid down some snow at Big Bear Mountain:

Nurse Joe Putignano had the new “Doctor Strange” flick on his Sunday schedule:

VikingMuscleBear got back to the gym after some stressful weeks:

But remember it’s always important to warm up before sports activity:

Dwayne Lati says, in his head, he never left the beach:

Check out Bremen Menelli’s little post-workout check in:

Won Ho can serve up a shower selfie, amiright?

Ramses Principe has a whole morning routine, and here it is:


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Chef Ronnie Woo likes to float through breakfast:


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Nick Masc says he doesn’t  ‘basketball well,’ but it looks like he handles the ball well:

Spaniard George Return reminds us how sexy the natural body is:

Chris Salvatore had some deep thoughts about time:

Diego Barros enjoyed the sun and palm trees:

Ramon Ventura is ready for WE Party London:

Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas offers this ‘Taste’ of fan favorite Nate Bryan:


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Max Emerson is tired of traveling, so he’s letting Andrés Camilo take over:

Won Ho makes clothes sexy – you know what I mean?

Out actor Wilson Cruz and longtime LGBTQ ally Judith Light were honored at the GLAAD Awards in New York City:


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