Jonas Brothers cancel 19 city tour over argument

Not sure what happened, but it looks like a disagreement over this past weekend resulted in the Jonas Brothers tour (slated to start this coming Friday) has been cancelled.

From the Today Show:

Spokesman Jesse Derris confirmed a report by People magazine that there was a “deep rift” in the group, and a “big disagreement over their music direction.”

According to the magazine, a weekend argument among brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas resulted in the tour’s cancellation.

The tour was scheduled to begin Friday. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Jonas Brothers website was still advertising the 19 concerts and still allowed visitors to click through to buy tickets.

Ticket holders should instead seek a refund wherever they bought their tickets, Derris told TODAY.
The Jonas Brothers won the breakthrough artist honor at the 2008 American Music Awards. In 2008 and 2009, they starred in their own Disney Channel original series.