Joe the plumber dodges ‘queer’ question

Plucked from obscurity in 2008 due to a chance meeting with then candidate Barack Obama, Sam Wezelbacher – aka “Joe The Plumber” – became a 15 minute media sensation used by the McCain camp in last minute desperate attempts to breathe life into a dying presidential campaign

In 2009 Werzelbacher infamously declared that he wouldn’t let gay people be around his children.

Having just won his Ohio GOP primary for the U.S. House, this morning he appeared on CNN where he was asked if he’s evolved on gay issues. That prompted Werzelbacher to accuse the host of “gotcha” journalism and compared CNN to the gossip site TMZ. To her credit host Zoraida Sambolin continued to press Werzelbacher on his stance on gay people.

Werzelbacher later released a joint statement with GOProud:
“The left and their friends in the main stream media don’t want to talk about the issue most Americans in this country today care about – jobs. Instead, they want a culture war. They want a culture war because they cannot defend this President’s record of failure when it comes to creating jobs and growing our economy. They hope to cynically distract Americans to protect President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress in November.”