Survivor: This season’s Colton – nastiest player in the history of the show

I’ve watched Survivor on CBS since season 1.  It’s one of the few shows Michael and I never miss (thank god for DVRs).

This season, Survivor One World decided to include a gay character on one of the teams. His name is Colton, he’s a Republican college student, and he is an embarrassing, bigoted gay man. He has it out for an African-american contestant named Bill, whom he calls “ghetto trash.”  After stating that he has black people in his life, he clarified that by adding the person was his housekeeper in Alabama.

He also calls a little-person contestant Leif a “little Munchkin” who’s “about to get knocked back to Oz” above, as well as an “oompah-loompah.”

The viewing audience has seen nothing redeeming about Colton.  I doubt we will.