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Jimmy Kimmel Totally Trolls Trumpers With Fake “TrumpCare” Spot

You gotta love Jimmy Kimmel.

On last night’s show, with a totally straight face, Kimmel spent a few minutes explaining how he’s totally onboard for ‘TrumpCare’ as he shared a video clip of a fake commercial for ‘TrumpCare’ and urged folks to head on over to HealthCare.gov.

And the Trumpers ate it up:

“BINGO. THANK YOU for being REAL with all this Trump stuff. FINALLY, an American who behaves like an AMERICAN. LOVE YOU,” wrote Joanne Palumbo.

“Gotta love Jimmy for keeping an open mind. Goes a lot into healing the divide,” wrote Anastasia on Facebook.

Of course, all he did was call the plan ‘TrumpCare’ and then sent them to the website to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

Like so many in Trump Land, they didn’t even know the difference. As long as it’s not ‘ObamaCare’ they’re good.

Watch below.

Jimmy Kimmel #FTW.