Jerry Falwell Jr Placed On ‘Indefinite Leave’ After FlyGate Photo

Jerry Falwell Jr and friend

ABC News reports Jerry Falwell, Jr. has agreed to “take an indefinite leave of absence from his roles as President and Chancellor of Liberty University” in the aftermath of his posting then deleting photos on social media with his arm around a young woman and his pants unzipped.

As the firestorm began, Falwell gave an interview to radio station WLNI explaining the photo was taken during a ‘costume party’ while on vacation.

“I was like … trying to like … I had a pair of jeans on that I hadn’t worn in a long time and couldn’t get mine zipped either,” Falwell said on the air.

Falwell has come under fire in recent months for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic regarding students being on campus.

Falwell, a huge supporter of Donald Trump, has served since 2007 as president of the Lynchburg university founded by his father, the late evangelist the Rev. Jerry Falwell.