iPhone mania gets violent in Pasadena

iPhone mania gets violent in Pasadena

Well, this stinks.

A brawl broke out at the Apple Store in Pasadena after a man “hired” approximately 70-80 homeless folks to wait in line overnight for vouchers to be able to buy new iPhones that he could then sell for more than retail.

Problem was after buying a bag full of phones he stiffed the homeless folks outside. Didn’t take long for things to escalate:

Two people were already arrested for fighting in the long line outside the Pasadena store before dozens of people hired from a nearby homeless shelter attacked a man who refused to pay them for their hours-long wait, cops said. “He was cheating us,” Calvin Windell Pleasant told the Los Angeles Times.

The destitute group said they were driven to the Colorado Blvd. store by vans from a Los Angeles shelter, where a man promised $40 each for them to wait in line for the coveted smartphones. But when the doors opened, the businessman only managed to buy a handful of phones before the store ordered him out and deemed the rest of his vouchers useless. And when he refused to pay the rest of the 70 to 80 people he hired to stand in the line, the furious group pounced.

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