California: Transgender teen voted Homecoming Queen

California: Transgender teen voted Homecoming Queen

In what may be a first for the country, Cassidy Lynn Campbell of Huntington Beach California was named Homecoming Queen of Marina High School on Friday, September 20.

Marina High School has policies in place to make sure transgender students like Cassidy are able to fully participate at school as their authentic selves, and has embraced Campbell as a part of the student body just like all the other girls.

“I’m so proud to win this not just for me but for everyone out there
and for every kid — transgender, gay, straight, black, white, Mexican,
Asian,” Campbell said after being crowned. “It doesn’t matter, you can
be yourself.”

“Whether I won tonight or not, I was a winner from the beginning and I
knew it. I put my message out there. If this can help one child or more
or hundreds or thousands or millions, then it was more than worth it,”
she said.

The Principal of Marina High School Paul Morrow told KTLA News, “Were proud of the message from home of the Vikings has been one of equity, acceptance, tolerance and respect.”

Last year, another California transgender teen Devon Marchant was on the Katie Couric Show, where she talked about being crowned Homecoming Princess.

Recently, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the School Success and Opportunity Act which makes clear that schools have a legal responsibility to allow all students, including transgender students, to fully participate at school. Anti-LGBT organizations are currently attempting to have the law repealed.