Introducing Your Boo To The Family At Christmastime

Introducing Your Boo To The Family At Christmastime

The holidays can bring you and your significant-other closer even as you cope with the stress of including them in family events.

The folks at have come up with some helpful tips for that big moment when you introduce your boo to the family:

Tell your parents about your partner:

  • Have a quick meeting with them without your partner to go over your expectations
  • Share your partner’s stories and dietary restrictions and hobbies

Set expectations for your partner

  • Tell your partner about good things about your parents’
  • Talk to your partner about your parents’ viewpoints and what topics to pay attention to

Help your partner be prepared

  • Let them know what your family’s dinner etiquette is like
  • Prepare some answers to some common questions your parents might ask

Exit strategy

  • Arrange a code word or signal with your S.O. beforehand which means, “I need to get out of here now.”
  • Have another commitment in mind that you can use as an excuse for escaping
  • Only commit to visiting for a limited period of time

Final Words: Give it Time

All first-time family meetings with your S.O. can bring some anxiety. But, don’t stress out, have patience and be open to understanding different viewpoints.

Introducing Your Boo To The Family At Christmastime
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