InstaHunks: Easter In Alaska, Sunset In Thailand + More

InstaHunks: Easter In Alaska, Sunset In Thailand + More
Ivan celebrates Easter in Alaska (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams this week starting with Ivan celebrating his won Easter tradition in Alaska.

Rico Bozant pondered the age old question: suited or shirtless?

Justin and Erik got “pulled” onstage at RuPaul’s Drag Race Live in Las Vegas:

Elliot Norris is ready for summer:

Luis woke up to a double rainbow.

Shomari Francis can drop some serious smolder:

Braden Olexo stopped for an impromptu hike and found a waterfall:

Sam Cushing celebrated another trip around the sun:

Boyfriends Justin Nicoll and Randy Bear danced it out at Coachella:

Kevin McDonald went splish/splash at the pool:

Jim Newman sent regards from Joshua Tree “RV-style:”

Bruno Baba wants to know your favorite “tacos:”

Kasey Butler serenaded his roommates:

Max Emerson says he’s “actually very shy:”

Paul Cassidy enjoyed the sunset in Thailand…

…while Gvstvo beached it in Venezuela…

…and Petr Hollesch said good night: