Birthdays, Backyard Beef + More InstaHunks

Birthdays, Backyard Beef + More InstaHunks
jean Paolo DiLorenzo (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams this week starting with Jean Paolo, who was all smiles with his birthday cupcake.

…and Tyler Spelane did the beach birthday thing:

Ricky Martin’s handsome hubby Jwan Yosef teamed up with luxury brand CDLP

Mauro made time for the beaches of Brazil…

…as Derek Chadwick went Hawaiian:

Joako strummed it out at sunset:

Steven Romo suited up for the series finale of Star Trek:Picard #PumpedForPicard:

Drew was drowsy:

Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton got down in the dirt with some little pigs:

Maluma was in a wine mood:

Mike got a new hoodie:

What Mario and Luigi do when no one else is around:

Hector Fallas was ready for some rough riding:

Surfbearla served up the backyard beef:

Kevin Davis was ready for some kitchen time:

Win and Houston did the vacay thing: