InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition
Hector Fallas (image via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week beginning with Hector Fallas, who was feeling those Costa Rica vibes.

Ignacio Pérez Rey spent the weekend chilling with his furry guy Pepê Oliveira…

…while journalist Karl Schmid spent his morning with his furry friend, Gus:

Matteo Di Cecco gave his handsome pooch a treat (swipe right):

Noah Gao prefers real jungles to the concrete kind:

Curtis Fitzgerald had the weekend feels:

Andre Chandler and friends got glitterized at Mega Woof last night:

Olympian Pita Taufatofua found a lot of bananas:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo wants to play with his big stick:

Bremen Menelli served up both “social media” life and “reality” life:

Ali enjoyed the peaceful swing of a hammock (until he tried to get out of it):

Scott Evans was oh-so-ready for the weekend:

THAI enjoyed watching the rain…and we enjoyed the view:

Tom Daley tried on a couple of hats:

Tommy Jimenez took a morning ride in Miami:

Rico Bozant played on the pole:

Garrett Magee caught a beach sunset while down in Rio for Carnaval 2023: