InstaHunk Round-Up: Hump Day Edition

Checking in on the hunks of Instagram this fine Hump Day.

Billy Reilich (above) lightens the day with some comedy: Why do bananas need sunscreen? Because they peel…

Mr. Brazil Gay 2020, Max Souza, is giving you serious Speedo action at the beach.

International pop star Ricky Martin went for black leather & blond beard for his cover of Schon Magazine:

Woofy Fran Dullon is pining for the days of gay cruises. Fact – I actually met the InstaHunk on my last Atlantis Cruise in August 2019, and he was uber-charming.

Actor Jim Newman is “anaconda hunting” in the Amazon??? #PleaseStayInTheBoat

Curtis Fitzgerald definitely did NOT skip leg day at the gym:

Out singer/songwriter Milahroy is giving you ‘mood’ as he preps for the release of his next single,”Daylight,” on Friday:

Brock Yurich throws down the gauntlet on what actually constitutes “shorts:”

Fitness trainer Nathan McCallum pretty much proves he’s super-human in this series of core workouts. I can’t do this but I like his music…