Instagram: Birthdays, Blue Skies, Beaches + More

Ignacio Pérez Rey leads off this week's round-up of InstaHunk eye-candy
Ignacio Pérez Rey

Checking in on some favorite InstaHunks beginning with Ignacio Pérez Rey, who celebrated another trip around the sun in Barcelona.

Roberto Portales found puppy love at the pool:

Country music artist Hayden Joseph was not feeling “Backwoods Bougie” on the beaches of Fire Island:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo was all smiles amid the blue skies of Mexico:

Konstantinos got his vitamin D in Greece:

Joel Green brought the heat as he was feeling the beat:

With his luggage lost, country singer Billy Gilman is making do with what he’s got:

Jake, James, and Evan present… Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup:

Okkar Min Maung made bedroom eyes

Austin found a random ‘twin’ at the beach #WhoWoreItBetter?

Bruno Baba has a message about self-love and self-esteem:

Cosplay guy Michael Hamm couldn’t decide which super-hero to be:

Red dressed up (down?) for Market Days in Chicago:

There was plenty of bear soup on the menu at this year’s Lazy Bear Week in California:

Jaymes Vaughn was floored by Amsterdam’s Pride on the Canal celebration: