Ignacio Pérez Rey & More In This InstaHunk Round-Up

Ignacio Pérez Rey kicks off this week's round-up of woof InstaHunks
Ignacio Pérez Rey (image via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week starting with Ignacio Pérez Rey who played lost and found in Costa Rica.

After a long day, this is how Taylor Tyler gets his [coco]nut:

Max Emerson and Andres Camilo went into self-care/monster mode…

…while Antony Tran and Enderbender got ready for some home improvement:

Anthony (SurfBearLA) took his pooch Raleigh for a walk on the beach:

Olympic gymnast Arthur Nory found some solitude at the beach:

Chris Cragg gave Hump Day a nautical salute:

Chris Salvatore is learning to fly in Las Vegas…

…while Neil Patrick Harris levitated over the sea:

Serving daddy realness, DJ Dan DeLeon says he’s always ready to perform.

Big Sean has some big jeans – and he’s not afraid to wear’em:

Alden Richards wandered on the beach until it all came into focus. Click here for Instinct’s recent profile on Asia’s multimedia star.

Petr Hollesch found some zen in Tulum, Mexico:

Corey Andrew kick-boxed his way through the weekend:

Austin likes his gym shorts just like his gym results – tight.