Hello From Rome!

Hello From Rome!
Michael and I heading to Rome

Hello, dear readers! Sorry for the delayed posting today – Michael and I were traveling from Las Vegas to Rome (via Newark) for our upcoming Atlantis cruise of the Mediterranean. 

Long travel day, starting with a 9 a.m. flight out of Vegas, a three-hour layover in Newark, plus a two-hour delay in taking off. It seems although our plane had landed in Newark six hours before we were scheduled to take off, the cleaning crew showed up at the time we were scheduled to board. #Life

Hello From Rome!
Our extended layover in Newark was still way comfortable

But the flights were very comfortable, and we are happy to be staying at The Pantheon Hotel again (we stayed here in 2018 and loved it),  Sat at the rooftop bar for the sunset, then took a walk around the Pantheon plaza.

I’ll still be posting daily over the next two weeks, just on a different schedule thanks to the 9 hour time difference.

Hope every has a great Friday!