Healthy Hikes, Feeling ‘Sesyyy’ + More InstaHunks

Healthy Hikes, Feeling ‘Sesyyy’ + More InstaHunks
Chris and Brian made it to the top (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this weekend beginning with Chris and Brian in LA who made it to the top.

Maluma was feeling “Sesyyy” after the Met Gala in NYC this week:

Gustavo (and his bedroom eyes) were ready for the weekend.

DJ Jae Fusz is mentally in Maui for the summer:

Ramon Ventura wore his heart of his sleeve (and his chest, and his back…):

Joel Green had some thoughts on living life first-hand:

Elliott Norris was in Tel-Aviv feeling like “falafel with extra extra extra tahini:”

Sion Agami is ready with the ‘dad jokes’…

Firefighter Logan has a friend named Puddles:

Johnny Middlebrook was laughing in the streets:

Christian was giving you ‘bear on the beach’ energy:

Lyle Anthony WAS the rainbow:

Shomari Francis is THIS tall:

2023 has not left Johnny Sibilly bored (so far)…

Kevin Davis got a new outfit:

Shade Andrew worked it out at a ‘jungle gym in Dubai:

ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman got new headshots #MuyGuapo:

For the football fans:

Mr. Dsnk is ready for summer:

Sam Cushing offered this styling hack in how to tied a hoodie:

Yasser Marta’s thick, hairy thighs said ‘hello’…