Hate Group Calls Out Pantene Shampoo For Touching Ad

Hate Group Calls Out Pantene Shampoo For Touching Ad

Monica Cole of the hate group One Million Moms (btw, not ‘one million’) is mad a new ad spot from Pantene has the nerve to feature a transgender girl and her two moms.

Pantene just released an online commercial that has resulted in backlash from Christians and non-Christians alike. Sawyer, a transgender girl, and Sawyer’s two moms are featured in the latest Pantene ad, which glamorizes the LGBTQ lifestyle.

“Just be yourself and don’t let anybody tell you who you are” is one of the extremely misleading taglines from the new Pantene ad.

A feel-good nod to those who falsely believe gender can be chosen, the tagline sadly goes against the biblical truth that God created us and decided who we were before forming us in our mothers’ wombs.

The commercial is narrated almost entirely by one mom as the other mom quietly sits beside her, with a few added lines from Sawyer. But do not be deceived. Notice some of the misleading wording used within the ad to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Procter & Gamble, Pantene’s parent company, also owns several other lines of products that conservatives should avoid purchasing and supporting.

This ad is not the first time P&G has pushed the LGBTQ agenda in their commercials.

In fact, 1Million Moms has launched campaigns and voiced our concern in the past regarding P&G’s transgender Gillette ad for Father’s Day, as well as their lesbian Head & Shoulders ad for prom.

We wanted to let you know that, once again, P&G has decided to cater to homosexuals and their sinful lifestyle choice.

“Sinful lifestyle choice…”

Of course, these are the same folks who bitch and moan about ‘cancel culture’ in social media even as they literally send out messages like this to ‘cancel’ Proctor & Gamble.

The haters had a similar hateful response a couple of years ago when Gillette ran a spot about a trans man learning to shave.