Happy 26th Anniversary To The Best Husband In The World

Michael and I at his 40th birthday party (photo: John Ganun)

Today, hot hubby Michael and I celebrate our 26th anniversary together.

It’s also our 17th official wedding anniversary – we kept the same day of the year because I used to be blond and can’t remember too many dates 🙂

Happily, this has become a regularly scheduled, annual post.


On October 17, 1994, I met Michael Caprio for the first time.

I was on the road with the pre-Broadway tour of the Broadway revival of “Hello, Dolly!” and we were in Minneapolis recording our cast recording. Michael was VP of Publicity and Marketing for the record label.

“It only takes a moment, for your eyes to meet and then…”

It was one long day of me watching Michael from across the studio, and as I found out later, Michael kept his eye on me, too.  And boy, am I glad.

Twenty-five years, two marriage certificates (one in Toronto, Canada, one in Palm Springs, CA), one cancer journey and six dogs later – here we are.

We actually are very different people.

Michael is very social and loves being out in the world; he loves meeting, mixing and mingling with tons of people, and people love him back.

I love our friends but in small doses where I can focus on them and their lives one at a time. I love being home with the dogs in our own little world.

Michael gets special points as he endures my constant roller coaster ride with politics. But over the past several years, he’s become as passionate if not more so than I about the state of our country 🙂

Somehow, this all works really, really well.

I love being married to Michael. I love our life together.

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary – HAAAAPPY anniversary!

A few pics from the short journey together – so far:

First pic Michael ever sent me – from the set of a photoshoot for the record label he was VP of publicity for at the time.


From a Mammoth Ski weekend after a long day of skiing


My favorite pic with Michael


First wedding!  Toronto, October 17th, 2003
Senior Justice Lauren Marshall was very gracious to officiate the marriage for us.


Getting married in Palm Springs, CA, right before 2008 election
Mayor Pro Tem Ginny Foat officiated the marriage for us right before Prop 8 passed.


We do have something special planned for later today…It’s kinda crazy. Stay tuned 🙂