GOP Illinois Gov Candidate On Shooting: ‘Move On And Celebrate Freedom’

Another mass shooting - this time in a suburb of Chicago where 6 were killed and dozens injured

Two things about the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois…

One: The Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for governor, Darren Bailey, speaking via video, told the citizens of Illinois that he was sending those ever-mentioned “thoughts and prayers” to those impacted by the shooting and added that folks should “move on and celebrate freedom.”

This was just hours after the incident that left 7 dead and dozens injured.

Two: I was listening to CNN in the car yesterday and a woman was being interviewed who had been at the parade when the gunfire occurred.

She mentioned she’d found a little boy wandering around who’d gotten separated from his family. She was hoping if CNN showed his face his parents would know he’d been found.

It turns out the boy was wandering around because both of his parents had been killed in the deadly shooting. I read about that moments ago and it felt like a gut punch.

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help pay for the parents’ funerals and help his grandparents raise little Aiden. At this writing, after about three hours, the $500K goal has been exceeded and is currently at $908,000.

GOP Illinois Gov Candidate On Shooting: ‘Move On And Celebrate Freedom’
2-year-old Aiden (image via Twitter)