Study Shares Good & Bad News For Men + More

Study Shares Good & Bad News For Men + More
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Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: A new study out of Stanford has found that while men’s average sperm counts and testosterone levels have decreased over the past 30 years, their penises have gotten 24% longer.

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MetroWeekly: Ohio’s attorney general has dropped charges against Evan Lambert, an openly gay NewsNation reporter who was tackled and arrested for doing a live broadcast during a press conference held by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine.

NBC News: The Biden administration on Tuesday secured its 100th federal court appointment, as the U.S. Senate approved Gina Méndez-Miró as the first openly LGBTQ American judge to serve on the federal district court in Puerto Rico.

OUT: Transphobe J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) says she’s been ‘misunderstood’ when it comes to trans issues.

Yahoo News: Elon Musk had Twitter engineers working late on Sunday to alter his social network’s algorithm and prioritize his tweets. Musk was said to be unhappy with the number of views of his Super Bowl tweet.

Disney: A new teaser for the upcoming live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid shows Halle Bailey singing ‘Part of Your World’  and offers the first glimpse of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. In theaters May 26.